Tapari Nepalese Supper Club 13th February 2024

What: Nepalese Supper club Tapari

When: 13th February 2024, 7-10PM

Where: My Neighbours the Dumplings, 165 Lower Clapton Road, London E5 8EQ

We are thrilled to announce our second guest chefs and their supper club Tapari. Hosted by sisters of the Nepali diaspora Anna and Swapnil! Bringing the unique and exciting flavours of Nepal with lots of attention to detail that gives the food that little extra that makes it stand out.

Often under-represented and not that widely spread (yet!) Many people are mostly just familiar with Momos from Nepali cuisine. And don’t get us wrong it is the Chinese dumplings cousin so we are obviously fans, but there are also lots of other dishes, flavours, ingredients and cooking methods that are completely new to us and deserves a spot in the limelight. In this menu, you will find an expanded selection of traditional Nepalese flavours mixed with some modern interpretations by Anna and Swapnil.

Their story as told by themselves:

Tapari is a supper club started with the vision to share the rich and diverse flavours of Nepali cuisine. The story of Tapari started in December 2021 when we (Anna and Swapnil) bonded over our love for food and our culture. We are inspired by the vibrant colours and bold spices that characterised Nepali cuisine, and we want to bring these to a wider audience. The name Tapari is derived from the traditional Nepali serving bowl made out of Sal leaves used to offer food to the Gods.

We believe food is an important part of our identity, and it plays a significant role in expressing and preserving our cultural heritage. Through unique Nepaliflavours, ingredients, and cooking techniques combined with our storytelling, we want our guests to experience our diasporic way of life.

Additionally, we want to create a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere that mirrors our values and traditions. We aim to promote cultural diversity and appreciation and bring people together to celebrate and enjoy the rich and diverse flavours while experimenting with seasonal ingredients and our London upbringing.


  • Welcome drink + Nimki (Savoury Snacks)

  • Kukhura ko Jhol Momo (Nepali Chicken Dumpling in a light Coriander and Sesame Sauce)

  • Latte Bhat (Nepali Sticky Rice cooked in Ghee & Peanut) w/ Sukuti ko Tarkari (Dried Buffalo Meat in Nepali Gravy), Bhatmas ra Gundruk Sadeko (Nepali spiced marinated Crispy Fermented Greens & Soybeans) & Aloo ra Methi ko Achar (Spicy Potato and Sprouted Fenugreek Seeds Salad)

  • Sungur Ko Masu Ko Thukpa (Egg Noodle in a Broth of Tomato, Potatoes and Peas topped with Pork Belly, Fresh Onion, Coriander, Green Chilli & Lime)

  • Masala chai Pudding with Jaggery and Carrot creme

*Vegetarian options are available for the whole menu - please make sure to choose the Vegetarian ticket for this option.

**We can’t guarantee that we can cater for any allergies but please do feel free to email us to check and we’ll do our best.

Please note that we will serve sharing plates family style, so be prepared to share the food with your table. Due to this all people in the same company who want to sit and eat together need to book together or email us and let us know who’s included in your company. 

We are excited to see you!