Swilipino Supper Club

We're super excited to host Swilipino's next Supper club at My Neighbours the Dumplings, not just because of her exciting, delicious spin on flavours from across the world but also we've had the pleasure of knowing Swilipino (aka Tintin) and watching her grow through the culinary ranks to become the talented chef she is today! 

She’s been one of the dumpling family since we opened our doors back in 2016 - and we are super proud of her launching her very own Swilipino enterprise.

This 6 course dinner is all about the sauce! Specifically from the south of Philippines and the province of Zamboanga. The region is a unique melting pot of cultures with Chinese, Malay, Moro, indigenous tribes, Indian, Arab, and Spanish heritage which makes a really exciting and rich mix of food.

With the spotlight on 5 local dishes the menu is paying homage to the area where Mama Maria (Swilipinos mom) originates from and with an addition of the “German salad”. To continue in the spirit of merging cultures, the German salad is something that was part of every meal growing up and which is still going strong as a permanent staple. Crunchy leaves and vegetables with a vinaigrette of oil, vinegar, Aromat and Italian herb mix. The name is a mystery and has been accepted without any further questions. All we know is that it needs to be there and it is great to customise your meal with flavour and texture!

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