Dumpling Rolling Workshop - Lesson No. 1

When: 3rd May 2023
Where: The Hanging Garden, My Neighbours the Dumplings, 165 Lower Clapton Road, E5 8EQ
Lesson No.1 - The Humble Potsticker
This is the first in our series of Dumplings Rolling Workshops, where it all begins. Potstickers are the simplest dumplings to roll, using only plain flour and water for the dumpling skins and a variety of mixes for both vegans and omnivores for the fillings. 
Lesson one will be for beginners- learning how to make the dough, roll the skins, wrap the dumplings and cook the perfect potsticker :)
You'll be able to roll 18 of your own dumplings to cook and eat with us, and you can take home what you can't eat to freeze for another day!
Drink on arrival, rolling pin and rolling mat and all the knowledge you'll need to make these dumplings at home in the future! Come along to an evening of dumpling making at My Neighbours the Dumplings!
Dumpling rolling workshop
+ drink on arrival
+ dumpling rolling pin and mat to take home
Everything above
+ dumpling tote bag
+ dumpling apron
For those who are all things dumplings
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